We Understand You

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Our team is passionately committed in engaging with our members, offering unwavering intuitive service and attention to detail that leaves nothing unconsidered. 

  • Freedom to be alone or together, working or relaxing.
  • Well-thought-out Spaces that embrace the balance between work, networking, relaxation, family, socialising and exercise.
  • Privacy and Exclusivity.
  • Exposure to knowledge, experience and wisdom, with opportunities for meaningful collaboration.
  • Worldwide Exposure offering reciprocity, both nationally and globally.
  • Signature Concierge Desk with executive travel and transport platform.
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Curated Events & Encounters

We have a passion for curating unforgettable events and encounters. We hope these events will open conversations for the curious, allow for exchange of ideas, inspire transformation and deepen our understanding of the world.

Our curated events are created with you in mind… ranging from wine, culinary delights and art, to jewellery and technology, the environment, leadership and more. Find your perfect encounter from the intimate and stylish to the exclusive, all opening up opportunities for collaboration and convivial conversation.

Our luxurious setting forms an idyllic platform for story-telling and at times will simply be a place to exhale… and be spoilt by the sublime offering on hand.

The Club

Members clubs have been part of the global landscape for hundreds of years, finding their roots in old-time coffee houses where men and women would convene and debate the ideas of the day. We each yearn to find solace in warm and knowledgeable company with a community of like-minded people. A place that draws leaders and visionaries who are culturally curious and passionately engaged in the world, whilst offering a platform for diversity, inclusivity and authenticity.

‘’At The Pencil we want to create a narrative that is uplifting, positive and collaborative, that encourages and inspires not only the current generation but future generations.”

– Marc Rosenberg, Co-Founder

We believe in the market at work, and a collaboration of like-minded leaders.

The spontaneous configuration of creative human energies of many people, with their various skills and talents, organising voluntarily in response to human necessity and desire, led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of the intention.

Every second we are alive we benefit from the products of voluntarily, spontaneous co-operation. This is the modern world. It’s miraculous, it’s intricate and it gets better every day, so long as people are free to interact with each other.

If we can leave the creative energies of human-kind uninhibited, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.

Inspired by the writings of I, Pencil by Leonard E Read

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